User education on first boot post install

Gareth McCumskey garethm at
Wed Jun 23 10:21:13 UTC 2010

Hi there guys,

This is my first mail to this list so forgive me if this has already been asked 
or discussed.

I was wondering if there was anything in the works that would provide a first 
time user of Ubuntu some kind of guided tour style and/or information 
resource, that can be cancelled of course if not needed, but would provide 
someone with no experience of Ubuntu some basic information on the key 
differences of Ubuntu vs other OS's (specifically Windows). Differences such as 
not needing to go to websites to download and install software but rather use 
a repository, what currently installed applications can do specific jobs, how 
the menu system works, etc.

This thought came about from reading a live blog entry on ZDnet about someone 
trying to get into Ubuntu for the first time, and it struck me that 90% of the 
problems he experienced was caused simply by a lack of education that could 
have been given to him in his first 10 - 15 minutes after booting into Ubuntu.

If there is an existing group looking at getting this done, please feel free 
to point me to it, otherwise I'd be interested to know what the best way might 
be for me to look at getting something like this started.


Gareth McCumskey

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