request to upgrade Taskjuggler 2.4.3-1 to 2.4.3-2 in Karmic Koala

Durodie, Frederic Frederic.Durodie at
Thu Jun 24 14:39:16 UTC 2010

Madame, Sir,

May I ask you to consider if possible to upgrade the version of
Taskjuggler in the packages of Karmic Koala from 2.4.3-1 to 2.4.3-2 as
the latter one allows to properly export the project plans so that
Taskjuggler III (still in development but in the mean time) can produce
substantially enhanced project reports.

The procedure on Taskjuggler's website to achieve this fails as the
version packaged doesn't recognize the "resourceattributes all" in :

export "CYCLE_FullProject.tjp" {
  taskattributes all
  resourceattributes all
  hideresource 0

You might also want the consider packaging Taskjuggler III 0.0.5 in
order to offer the enhanced project reporting easily for the Ubuntu

Thank you in advance for consideration.
Kind regards,
Frederic Durodie

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