live cd bug or missing feature

Linus Newbert linus.newbert at
Thu Jun 24 06:09:55 UTC 2010


While working on a custom livecd (based on Kubuntu 9.10 LiveCd) I
stumbled upon a 100% reproducible bug (or better missing feature to go
to a wishlist):

- boot from the livecd

- create a new user with admin rights and encrypted home

- logout ubuntu

- login with new user

- copy a binary (e.g. my_binary) into the home folder of the new user

- run it. Fails with: my_binary: Function not implemented (and $? reports error code 126).

Bug still holds when using a casper-rw partition for persistence and storing there the profile of the new user between reboots.
A somewhat related issue concerns executing "ls -l" within the encrypted home: same response for each file/folder but prints results fine and returns no error code ($? is 0).

I changed also the kernel and remastered the cd but with same results. (2.6.31-14 was the original kernel and 2.6.31-20 the new one).

Thanks guys and hoping to here from you soon,
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