Mentioning Papercuts in the !development page

Vishnoo vish at
Wed Jun 23 16:03:20 UTC 2010

While going through the Ubuntu Development wiki [1] , I noticed a few
things that struck me as out of place, the mention of bugsquad and the
communication subsections. However, I was enlightened to the usefulness
of those subsections being present there.

Which made me wonder if we can have a subsection linking to the
Papercuts project and wiki[2]. Before making changes to the wiki , I was
asked to bring it up in the list.

 A few reasons why mentioning papercuts would fit in the page:
- The page link is often quoted to members asking how they can get
involved in Ubuntu development. The papercuts bugs are minor bugs and
the fixes are often trivial/small enough for a new member to feel
comfortable with taking ownership and fixing.
- Such bugs are more likely to be fixed by a part-time contributor, as
the bugs are small and less time-consuming, than bigger crashers/release
critical bugs.
- These small bugs will make it easy for them to get more familiar with
Ubuntu development processes and to get them ready for larger bugs.[Over
the year there have been members who have started working on papercut
bugs and are now comfortable working directly with upstream ]

What do others think about this? Can we mention the papercuts project in
the wiki?



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