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Wed Jun 16 13:49:47 UTC 2010

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John Fano wrote on 13/05/10 22:18:
> The poster has been helping people since 8.04 setup 3+ monitors while
> still running Compiz.  Unfortunately if you keep reading to the end
> you see that it's no longer possible without some hacking from 8.10 to
> 9.10 and the very last post shows that it's just broken with 10.04
> (there is a bug report).   So I am curious if there is anything in the
> works to address easy setup with 3+ monitors while keeping Compiz so
> we don't lose the docks and other things that depend on an accelerated
> desktop?  The Monitors app does a great job with 2 monitors, so it
> would be great to have that work with more than 2.

One of my lower-priority projects is to organize a redesign of the
Monitors settings so that it deals better with more than two displays.

It would be fantastic if someone could start this redesign work
themselves. :-) Producing a solid interface design makes it much easier
to find interested programmers.

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