Appearance of active window in bottom bar

Aaron Whitehouse lists at
Fri Jun 11 22:01:01 UTC 2010

Hello all,

I've used Ubuntu since Hoary and love it.

One thing that I have found has caught me out a lot recently is the
appearance of active and minimised windows in the bottom bar. I find
that, especially in Lucid, I get these the wrong way around. This is a
real issue for me, as I often right-click close a window from the bottom
bar without checking it. Obviously, this is more of a problem when I
only have two windows open, as with three you can see which is not like
the others.

I think that the issue is caused by an inactive window being displayed
in a way that reminds me of a depressed button, which makes me think
that it is active. The active window, by contrast, is grey and looks
raised, which reminds me of a button that needs to be pressed and an
inactive window (grey often means inactive).

This may just be me, but I wanted to raise the issue in case it isn't.



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