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Harry Getz getz.hl at gmail.com
Sun Jul 18 20:46:21 UTC 2010

I am new to Ubuntu and still using WXP for my work, until I find an
acceptable substitute for the Windows-based Goldmine program. I have found
your evolution product helpful in managing in managing my GMail and
contacts. However, while Evolution works much like Outlook, I wish to
maintain a similar interface for Contact Management (e.g. Goldmine, ACT..).
Is this in the works? Are there plug-ins that make this possible? I do not
need an online CRM. I wish to use a client to interface with my Gmail
account. I am listing a few priority items that would make evolution a
preferred client:

- provide "completion" of calendar items
- sync "history" - email and tasks, events (real-time) when the contact is
- sync "pending items" - email and tasks, events (real-time) when the
contact is

If this isn't an area of your interest, do you have knowledge of a
linux-based program where you can direct me?

Thank you,

Harry Getz

FAX 949.417.9425
getz.hl at gmail.com
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