Integrate "Apt-linker" into all Ubuntu Browsers

Ryan Oram ryanoram at
Fri Jul 16 00:37:27 UTC 2010

Matthew Paul Thomas wrote on Thu, 15 Jul 2010 11:59:28 +0100:
> A Greasemonkey script would work only for people already using Ubuntu
> (and using a browser that allows Greasemonkey scripts). It wouldn't do
> anything to make an apt: URL understandable for people who aren't using
> Ubuntu. Nor would it help CMSes such as WordPress that mangle apt: links

Yes, but it would remove the need for users to manually enter in
"apt-get install" commands given to them on blogs and forums. It would
instead give them a link to click on that would bring up a GUI asking
them to install the package (at the present time it would be the
minimal AptURL GUI, on Maverick it will be Software Center). The
script works fully on "apt-get install" commands posted on WordPress
blogs, as I have tested.

There are very few browsers that do not support GreaseMonkey scripts
nowadays (Firefox, Chromium, and Epiphany all do, as well as lesser
used browsers such as Opera or Midori) and said script could be easily
integrated to an extension (or even ubufox itself). In fact, the
extensions for Firefox and Chromium in the original post were made
from the GreaseMonkey script.

Let's face it, AptURLs have not be adopted widely by the community.
However, there are tons of blogs, forums, and guides that use "apt-get
install" to instruct users to install certain packages. Converting all
of these commands into simple AptURLs will be big help to new users on
Ubuntu and would serve to better integrate apt-get (and Software
Center) into the browser and the web.

Original script:


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