Read this please it and help u all and me and forgive me for my mistakes

aakash pandey ap2373800 at
Tue Jul 13 16:49:09 UTC 2010

Dear sir
I am an Ubuntu user i daily use it, my system configuration is :
ram: 512mb ddr2
hd: 80 Gb
2.99 Ghz ; 2mb cach
intel pentium 4
DVD RW drive

I want to maintain it updated in my system updated and to become
eligible to ubuntu's great project and community . Tell me the basic
steps for doing so . I can help you all in making ubuntu more perfect
please view some problems which i saw and tell me how to improve them.

Problems occured

1> after installing ubuntu when restart option is giver after that a
black screen is appeared written
and so on , after pressing a key rom gets ejected and system gets restarted

2> We should improve ubuntu boot screen of login there is only an
oblic (_) sign blinking \
it shoul be of high quality like of mac os x

3> when updates are installed if a shutdown is pressed no warning is given

4> some important softwares must be there
like: compiz config,screenlets,cairo dock in place of bottom
panel,ubuntu tweak,google chrome

sorry for my mistakes (i am of 13 yrs)
please help me and make me a professional member of ubuntu team that
is my dream
regards from


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