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Hi Pranay

Sorry for the late reply.

pranay agarwal wrote on 30/06/10 18:07:
> hi,  whenever i shutdown or restart the system when i am downloading
> any package from synaptic package manager, the system does not show me
> any warnings that some download is in progress, so i intend to add
> this feature in ubuntu. Can someone please guide me as to how should i
> proceed about it?
> Thanks.

Over the next couple of Ubuntu releases, we're migrating from Synaptic
to Ubuntu Software Center and Update Manager. However, they currently
have this same problem as Synaptic.

Ubuntu Software Center uses aptdaemon for package installation, and
Update Manager from Maverick onwards will use aptdaemon too. So to fix
this problem in both programs, you could change aptdaemon so that any
package operation (1) inhibits session exit and (2) inhibits shutdown.

Here's the aptdaemon code:

Here's the reference for how to inhibit session exit:

Inhibiting shutdown can be done with an Upstart script. The
unattended-upgrades package contains a script doing the same thing:

Thanks for getting involved!

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