Ubuntu AppUpdate

Ryan Oram ryanoram at trentu.ca
Fri Jul 9 20:39:56 UTC 2010

On Fri, Jul 9, 2010 at 7:20 AM, Joao Pinto <joao.pinto at getdeb.net> wrote:
> Ryan,
> while your first answer demonstrated you are not properly informed on the
> technical aspects of either the proper Ubuntu archives or PPAs, this second
> one show you don't have any clue about how GetDeb works.

When I was writing that response, I got confused between sbuild and
debuild (which was a bit of an mistake :P). There is very little
technical difference between sbuild and pbuilder. They both do about
the exact same thing, which is build an application package in a
chroot. The only difference is that pbuilder automates a bit more. I
stand completely corrected.

I suggest you make some more of the documentation public. Link to the
wiki via the front page.

> Anyway I was just trying to point you in what I believed to be a better
> direction. If you still believe there is a real benefit on your project I
> just wish you the best luck.

To be honest, it was mostly created to extend the release model I used
with my former Linux distribution to Ubuntu proper. A way to provide
application updates that developers publish via their PPAs directly to
users, while giving these packages a bit of testing. It was never
intended to replace GetDeb, only compliment it.

Looking over your site, there isn't much overlap between what packages
my service provides and the packages your service includes.

There is a solution to this disconnect. I would like to work with your
project in terms of packaging applications. I notice that your project
has a few applications that still need packaging. I would be willing
to help out if your team would allow me to use your package sources to
rebuild the packages on Launchpad. This would result in a situation
where users could choose which "frontend" they would like to use to
get access to the packages.

Another major benefit is that this would provide a way for GetDeb
users to get access to your packages when your website is down.

> Having another project using apt-portal it's a great collaboration
> opportunity.

Definitely. I look forward to working with your team.


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