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Thu Jul 8 12:36:14 UTC 2010


I also prefer sunbird to lightning: indeed, I am still using the sunbird version that shipped with karmic on the development version of Maverick.

If I remember correctly, it is possible to install Sunbird on Lucid and Maverick by going to the following page:

On that page, search for the packages 'calendar-timzones' and 'sunbird' for karmic, download their .deb corresponding to your computer architecture and install them.



On 07/08/2010 01:06 PM, Juan Rodríguez Monti wrote:
> 2010/7/8 Robert Holtzman <holtzm at <mailto:holtzm at>>
>     What is the reason for stopping development on sunbird?
> Because, they`re putting their efforts in Lighting[0]. I liked Sunbird a
> lot, and I`m not feel comfortable at all with Lighting, however
> Thunderbird 3 is better than t2, so I guess there might be some kind of
> balance between the two.
> Juan
> [0]

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