Launchpad bug linking to U1 client spec behind a secret login

Dylan McCall dylanmccall at
Sun Jul 4 01:49:50 UTC 2010


I was hunting for information on the bug (it _is_ a bug, right?) where
the U1 Nautilus extension in Maverick shows its bar thingy all the time,
instead of just under folders that are synced.
(I would hope that's a bug, by the way…)

I found this in Launchpad:

Its objective wasn't totally clear to me, but the description referred to
“section 3.1 of file sync spec” at

That link leads me to a login form demanding an email

I stripped out the /a/ part and got the document, so I'm
hoping that is just an innocent error on the reporter's part. (I also
took the liberty of changing that link in the bug report) :)

The end of the document states it is linking (manually) from which is also under tight access permissions.

Of course, I wouldn't disagree you're _allowed_ to keep these specs under
wraps, but I think it can be polarizing and I haven't seen it with other
projects attached to Ubuntu at this point in their lives. I'm comfortable
with that kind of manoeuvre if the project is _new_ (it's only natural),
but u1-client has been a part of Ubuntu for a while now.

Given that u1-client is free software, in Ubuntu's main repository and
installed by default, it concerns me to think that I can't see a recent
specification to help with implementation, check for errors, or make sure
whatever I am doing jives with where Ubuntu One is going.

Could someone please explain why this is?

Thank you,

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