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On 02/07/10 18:05, Luke L wrote:
> I've never seen an argument about apt-get and aptitude that
> conclusively listed the benefits of one over the other. Every time a
> +1 is mentioned for X, someone else says "No no no, that USED to be
> but Y has that now".

Aptitude does a better work managing dependencies and is the preferred
command line package manager in debian, as stated in
and since we are talking about managing "Debian Packages", they may know
what they are talking about.

> Can aptitude duplicate this functionality with ease? Does it do all
> things in any sort of superior way?

Most things are done the same way, but some are done a little beter
(dependency management, aptitude doing things from apt-get + apt-cache)
and there are some apt-get doesn't do.

apt-get install        <-- aptitude install
apt-get remove         <-- aptitude remove
apt-get remove --purge <-- aptitude purge
apt-get update         <-- aptitude update
apt-get upgrade        <-- aptitude safe-upgrade
apt-get dist-upgrade   <-- aptitude full-upgrade
apt-get autoremove     <-- unnecesary, automatically done on
apt-get clean          <-- aptitude clean
apt-get autoclean      <-- aptitude autoclean
apt-cache show         <-- aptitude show
apt-cache search       <-- aptitude search

dpkg -l | grep something  <-- This remains the same

There are some "complex" cases where aptitude makes a diference. When
you want to purge the residual config from all uninstalled packages, you
need to do something like this:

dpkg --get-selections | grep "[[:space:]]deinstall$" | awk '{print $1}'
| sudo xargs aptitude purge --remove


dpkg --get-selections | grep "[[:space:]]deinstall$" | awk '{print $1}'
| sudo xargs dpkg -P


aptitude purge ~c

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