Aptitude included in Maverick by default

Paul Smith paul at mad-scientist.net
Sat Jul 3 01:52:41 UTC 2010

On Sat, 2010-07-03 at 10:18 +1000, Chris Jones wrote:
> Thanks for dragging this up again Paul. I have moved on from this
> discussion but felt the need to reply since you seem to have
> misunderstood what I meant by my original comments.

Er... I don't know why you're moaning at me.  I posted on this thread
exactly one time, on 12 June (and I CC'd you).  I didn't bring anything
up again.


> To clarify; I was not stating that apt-get is a substitute for
> aptitude. I was not stating that dpkg is a substitute for aptitude.
> And I was not stating that gdebi is a substitute for aptitude. I was
> stating that the between the three combined as a team of apps, you can
> pretty much do everything possible that aptitude can do. Yes, with
> more hands on work and more commands. But it's all there for those who
> want it make use of it.

I think you misunderstood MY comment.  For Ubuntu I'd rather see a
single tool that has a simpler, powerful user interface than multiple
tools that require you to perform "more hands on work and more commands"
to get the same behavior.

But whatever.  That ship has long since sailed since all the various
Ubuntu help pages already direct users to run "apt-get install
<somepackage>" rather than "aptitude install <somepackage>", and I'm
perfectly happy running "apt-get install aptitude" on my systems.


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