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Thu Jan 28 17:22:38 UTC 2010

2010/1/28 Amahdy <mrjava.javaman at>:
> What the problem really? when the quoted-text is collapsed and the replies
> are organized together and simple navigation ... yes I can follow threads at
> google-groups even if it's with hundred replies, but here my thread with
> about 10 replies, I opened 10 tabs to see them all and another tab to type
> this reply!

So why are you doing that?

Maybe I didn't understand it correctly, but I got the impression that
you are reading the messages from the mailing list archives at using your web browser, which is insane if you're
following a list daily (and don't just want to lookup a few old mail,
or get a link to them for someone else's reference).

The purpose of a mailing list is that you subscribe to it so that
you'll get a copy of all mails send there, which you can then handle
the way you want with your favorite client (be it mutt, Thunderbird or
Gmail's web interface).

If you don't want to subscribe, you still could use this interface: (where you get
all replies to a thread in a single page, and from where you can reply
to them with a click). Or this read-only view: . Or use a
newsgroup reader like someone else already mentioned.


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