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Amahdy mrjava.javaman at
Thu Jan 28 16:22:11 UTC 2010

When I tell someone to migrate from Windows to Ubuntu because it's more
stable, feature, performance ... etc, the answer is: I like what I'm now and
I don't want to change it, my outlook is configured, my bookmarks are set,
and hey I use FF not IE so please leave me like that.

When I ask a Linux-adminsitrator to use Ubuntu-server, he tells me that a
server is RedHat or Suse, I already have my organized scripts, environment,
rpm's, I know how to compile PHP under Redhat easily and he prefer it more
than using the easy way that Ubuntu does, he also like to perform
configuration changes manually rather than using dpkg-rec.. or any thing ...

And when I come here to ask you guys why u r that old with a very old way of
communication, I don't receive much different answers, ppl are the same all
over the OS, a person like what he is now and don't want to change it
because simply he is afraid from try the *new* things.

I won't re-write why I said that this list is very old fashion, I have
pretty stated many of them more than once, please don't tell me that I
haven't answered the question and that I'm talking about features only, no
I'm talking about many things and what I have here that nobody yet answered
my question, or the answers are not logistic ... and I haven't said use rss
for lists, I said I suggest rss but of course Mozilla-Hackers have their
tools too, and I'm highly sure they are more advanced than yours here that's
why in December-2009 they reached in the market 52% for (FF 3.5) while 11%
for (IE 7).

It's not my google-mail problem with the cropped-email, I received it
correctly in my GMail, but it's on the website cropped, go see it yourself,
this is not a google bug but a lists-bug.

I may use mutt if I want to be different from a normal user and have a tool
that a normal user can never use, but please don't tell me that the usage of
mutt is better than gmail as an email client, or faster or anything, I may
use mutt for reading local-emails on the remote server that's the best thing
it can fit for.

>Again, I challenge you to try following a thread longer than 5 messages on
Google groups. It's simple not possible.
What the problem really? when the quoted-text is collapsed and the replies
are organized together and simple navigation ... yes I can follow threads at
google-groups even if it's with hundred replies, but here my thread with
about 10 replies, I opened 10 tabs to see them all and another tab to type
this reply!

-- Amahdy AbdElAziz
IT & Development Manager
3D Diagnostix Inc.
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