how to propose a new feature on Ubuntu?

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2010/1/28 Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) <jonathan at>:
> Hi Marco
> On Thu, Jan 28, 2010 at 10:03 AM, Marco Pallotta
> <marco.pallotta at> wrote:
>> In this last page I was suggested to contact ubuntu-devel-discuss
>> mailing list about my idea. So I did it.
>> In fact I proposed a new feature on 7 Jan 2010 ("making a workaround
>> web page for bugs, in LTS release, not fixed"). This proposed was
>> discussed (there were 8 posts) but then nothing. What does it mean? If
>> no Ubuntu developer (I suppose we refer to Canonical official
>> developer) replied to this proposal does it mean that, at the moment,
>> it couldn't be implemented?
> This list isn't the right place to suggest features. New ideas should
> be logged on Ubuntu Brainstorm [1], the process is explained on the
> Ubuntu wiki[2]. All features and bug fixes and anything that is
> included in Ubuntu happens via packages in the Debian packaging
> format, if you'd like to implement your ideas yourself, you might want
> to consider learning packaging and/or becoming a MOTU[3].
> -Jonathan
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]

Well, at this point wiki documentation should be corrected as
Brainstorm is indicated as the solution if you don't want to talk
directly to developers (that is ubuntu-devel-list as sayd in my
previous post).

Txs Jonhatan for your reply.


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