Why package "coq-doc" is not updated into Ubuntu?

David MENTRE dmentre at linux-france.org
Fri Jan 15 19:36:39 UTC 2010


I just realized that package "coq-doc" is blocked at revision
8.0pl1.0-1 in Ubuntu since Dapper:

It makes this package not installable in parallel with "coq" package
in Karmic and probably in Lucid.

The package has been regularly upgraded in Debian (current revision in
testing is 8.1-3 and 8.2pl1-1 in unstable):

Current revisions of coq are 8.2.pl1+dfsg-2 in Karmic and
8.2.pl1+dfsg-4 in Lucid.

Do anybody know why this package is not synchronized with Debian? How
to solve this issue?

Best regards,

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