making a workaround web page for bugs, in LTS release, not fixed

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Fri Jan 8 17:58:44 UTC 2010

On 01/08/10 00:58, Marco Pallotta wrote:
> 2010/1/7 Charlie Kravetz <cjk at>:
>> Ubuntu bugsquad already has a policy that workarounds should be
>> identified and moved into the bug description. If that was happening,
>> it should be easy to grab the section labeled "WORKAROUND:", right?
> Well,
> I saw not many of these labeled bugs. I think we whould start a
> different process to identify a workaround solution for an issue that
> will not be fixed.

Yes, they are used far less than ideal. Still, they should be used (and
when I find a bug that is missing a workaround in the description, I add
it in).

But still, we could have a workarounds page in the Wiki (perhaps either
*or*, or *also*, in answers.lp). There we could put the most important
issues, and their workarounds. But not all, I think. There are some very
technical issues that -- if you are hit with it, you most probably also
know where to look for an asnwer.

It is unrealistic to expect all Ubuntu users to browse

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