why privacy and security matters

Patrick Freundt patrick.freundt at googlemail.com
Wed Jan 6 20:57:38 UTC 2010

And since I was asked:

> Cracked wireless connection and ethereal/wireshark?
> Have you tried posting (etc.) via a VPN or SSH tunnel?

Its a wired connection to german Telekom / T-Online. No router is
involved that could have been cracked. Its a clean setup of Ubuntu
Karmic, connected via PPPoe. Since I opened the internet connection I
was browsing no other site than Google Mail and no other service was
connecting anywhere so my IP was only known to Google, as Google Mail
does not transmit the sender IP of outgoing mails. And it was not a
buggy software, it was not something like the screensaver
interrupting, it was the X server catching a SIGTERM while I was
typing a draft in Google Mail.

And this was happening in the context of a form of "look boy, see how
powerful I am" of big daddy, and 1 minute later an accoustic signal of
the 21 year old girl followed by a "BOO! hihihi" to make sure that I
understand where this signal is coming from - it was coming from daddy
who appeared on OFTC's chat as honorous sponsor "bugblue", where he
was quite emotional the other night, when I addressed his loved one
with my suspicions, that she is behaving like a stalker.

The career of this daddy poo is obviously so settled that he does not
care at all whether I am able to gain proof for whats going on. And it
seems to make that 21 year old chocolate girl all proud to have such a

The only problem is: why am I forced to be part of this weird family
in an extremely strange kind of way?

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