Should Short really be username when creating a user in users-admin

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Sun Feb 28 02:00:48 UTC 2010

On Sat, 27 Feb 2010 17:25:06 -0700
Kyle Law <tuxmaster at> wrote:

> I have search for existing discussion on this list, system-tools-list
> discussion upstream and looked for a bug both in launchpad and upstream.
> I see no discussion on this issue.=20
> When you go to create a new user in lucid using users-admin part of the
> gnome-system-tools package. It asks you Short Name: In my opinion this
> should be left to username like it was in all previous releases.
> Shortname would not only be confusing for users but it is
> inconsistent.=20
> Due to this is more of a String Fix bug as a beginning programmer I
> would be more then happy to write a patch for this.=20
> Before I do anything I wanted to inquire on the community.
> Does anyone disagree with me?
> Would this really be a stringfix bug or am I getting over my head?
> Was this change to users-admin made upstream or downstream?
> Would the sponsorship process be a good way for me to get this pushed
> upstream once I develop the patch.
> Anzenketh

I agree with you. "username" is more descriptive then "short name". It
is also easier to tell a new person to look you your home, it is under
your USER, than to tell them to look in your SHORT name. We use $USER
in programs, but I don't know if any use a variable called $SHORT ?

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