bugreporting workflow improvement needed i think..

Brian Murray brian at ubuntu.com
Thu Feb 25 00:46:07 UTC 2010

On Wed, Feb 24, 2010 at 11:24:40AM +0100, Rene Veerman wrote:
> Hi..
> While ubuntu-bug and launchpad are a pleasure to work with, i've
> noticed something about the workflow of bugreports in the unix world a
> few times now..
> Often, a developer will claim a bugreport should be sent to a
> component developer. By the original bugreporter. Who i suspect are
> likely not to have time or clue enough to do that. I've done it a few
> times, and it's plain frustrating.. Especialy if the other dev(-team)
> wants to bounce it back again. It's like being a child and having to
> pass messages between my parents in a fight in different rooms of the
> house.. ;-)

For the most part, if this activity occurs it should take place in
Launchpad.  I've seen bugs have multiple bug tasks open and developers
discuss the issue in the bug report.  There should be no need for you to
pass messages of this sort in Launchpad.
> Could you guys please go 1 step further, and build some kinda
> infrastructure by which bugreports can be very easily forwarded (for
> evaluation) to the developer team of another app/component.. The focus
> should be conflict-resolution, the guts of which probably shouldnt be
> world-viewable, but short status messages for the public would be
> nice.

I believe that this functionality is already built into Launchpad at
least for Ubuntu and other projects.  However, if it isn't or there is a
deficiency in it this is best brought up with the Launchpad developers
rather than Ubuntu ones.  You can do this on the launchpad users mailing
Brian Murray                                                 @ubuntu.com
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