bugreporting workflow improvement needed i think..

Rene Veerman rene7705 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 24 10:24:40 UTC 2010


While ubuntu-bug and launchpad are a pleasure to work with, i've
noticed something about the workflow of bugreports in the unix world a
few times now..

Often, a developer will claim a bugreport should be sent to a
component developer. By the original bugreporter. Who i suspect are
likely not to have time or clue enough to do that. I've done it a few
times, and it's plain frustrating.. Especialy if the other dev(-team)
wants to bounce it back again. It's like being a child and having to
pass messages between my parents in a fight in different rooms of the
house.. ;-)

Could you guys please go 1 step further, and build some kinda
infrastructure by which bugreports can be very easily forwarded (for
evaluation) to the developer team of another app/component.. The focus
should be conflict-resolution, the guts of which probably shouldnt be
world-viewable, but short status messages for the public would be

Really, end-users should imo not be involved in the technical
discussion of "is it my bug or yours?"..

Some feedback to this suggestion would be appreciated.

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