ntfs-3g in Lucid

Timo Jyrinki timo.jyrinki at gmail.com
Sat Feb 13 17:22:42 UTC 2010

2010/2/11 Patrick Goetz <pgoetz at mail.utexas.edu>:
>> upgrade to get 2010.1.16 into testing:
> Doesn't look like it:

Just to note, it's still in unstable in Debian, possibly migrating
into testing on 20th if no new release critical bugs are filed against
it before that. However, lucid's DebianImportFreeze was already on
Thursday the 11th and because of the Ubuntu-specific changes it would
need manual syncing anyway. If you want to file a sync request, follow
instructions at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SyncRequestProcess and provide
all the needed information.


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