Removing Ubuntu releases, just Ubuntu (Aitor Pazos)

Markus Hitter mah at
Sat Feb 6 11:34:09 UTC 2010

Am 06.02.2010 um 10:49 schrieb Luke Aaron:

> On Sat, 6 Feb 2010 07:15:12 pm you wrote:
>> Am 06.02.2010 um 06:02 schrieb Luke Aaron:
>>> Maybe this is something other than an Ubuntu error?  My system
>>> remembers keyboard layouts and network connections between boots.
>>> Also, I'm more inclined to think that VLC not playing smooth video
>>> is more likely a VLC problem than an Ubuntu one.  Try a different
>>> video player maybe.  I've never experienced stuttering video under
>>> normal use conditions on my Ubuntu installation.
>> Thank you. That exactly demonstates what I meant with "not helpful at
>> all".
> Although it might not directly help you to find solutions to your  
> problems, you seemed very sure that these problems were the result  
> of Ubuntu being 'unstable'.

Sure, that's more than obvious. I neither fiddled with network  
settings nor with keyboard settings, so the only conclusion is,  
Ubuntu introduced that on it's own. Due to an unfortunate point in  
time when automatic upgrades were pulled, due to a specific hardware  
combination, whatever.

> I'm just suggesting that you may be looking in the wrong place for  
> your solutions, and that the problems may not reside where you  
> think they do.

The problem is, I have to care about this at all. Ubuntu is meant to  
be usable by end users and such people don't even know what a  
keyboard mapping is, much less they know how to fix it. If they see  
the wrong characters printed on key presses, they go back to Windows.

Sorry for being so egocentric here. I can't speak for Ubuntu in  
general, just for the experience of me and three friends I  
recommended Ubuntu to.


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