Multiseat configuration tool using a graph

Dimitri NĂ¼scheler dimitri.nuescheler at
Thu Dec 2 13:26:51 UTC 2010


I wrote a blueprint about a tool for configuring multiseat workstations
using a graph, whichs means that

users are able to configure their multiseat-configuration by "drawing" a
graph that displays which input device points to which pointer, which
pointer to which session and finally which session to which monitor. The
advantages of a graph-user-interface are that you see exactly how devices
are connected to the system and how they are shared amongst users and that
you can easily model N:M relations using drag & drop (a session can run on
multiple monitors, but multiple sessions can also run on one monitor (in

This is an idea I'd like to have discussed, but it's not something which
urgently has to be implemented. Most backends the user interface has to
collaborate with are only partially ready for this anyway.

The blueprint can be found here:

If you like the idea, i'll continue working on a prototype - I could also
use some help then, because I'm not an expert in programming with X and
Extensions (or wayland in the future).

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