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Hi Mohammed

Mohammed Amine IL Idrissi wrote on 03/08/10 10:51:
> Software-properties is one of the few applications that still relies on
> gksu. I was about to convert it to aptdaemon/policykit,


>                                                         when I thought
> of this: "Why don't we just separate software-properties into both
> update-manager and software-center?"

Software Sources is something I've been meaning to redesign eventually,
but I was putting it off because it wasn't as important as Ubuntu
Software Center or Update Manager.

Splitting it into two is an intriguing idea. It looks like the main
awkward point would be the download server setting -- that's the thing
that's most obviously shared between installations and updates.

> So I began to create the following mockups:
>  * update-manager: clicking on the "Settings..." button should open up
> a dialog that contains two tabs: "Repositories"
> ( and "Automatic Updates"
> ( Note that I mostly
> borrowed the design from
> here:
>  * software-center: Clicking on the "Provided by Ubuntu" pane should
> show (beside what's in place now) five checkboxes representing main,
> universe, restricted, multiverse, and commercial software
> ( And clicking on an
> authorized repository (such as a PPA) will show that the source is
> authorized (

Unfortunately, all except the last of those wireframes is tiny, so I
can't read them. Could you upload larger versions?

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