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Wed Apr 21 10:18:40 UTC 2010

Joao Pinto <joao.pinto at> writes:

> On Wed, Apr 21, 2010 at 5:22 AM, Florian Diesch <diesch at>wrote:
>> Patrick Goetz <pgoetz at> writes:
>> > nothing.  Maybe /etc/init/networking.conf emits net-device-added?
>> I guess it's emitted by upstart-udev-bridge
>> > How can one find out for sure?
>> I'd have a look at the upstart-udev-bridge source code
> grep -r net-device-added upstart-0.6.5
> upstart-0.6.5/NEWS:        start on net-device-added INTERFACE!=eth*
> upstart-0.6.5/init/man/init.5:start on net-device-added INTERFACE!=lo
> They show up on the manual as an example, they are not triggered from the
> upstart source, random guesses don't really help. 

It's emitted in upstart-0.6.3/udev/upstart-udev-bridge.c, function
udev_monitor_watcher(), when a device of the 'net' subsystems is added.

I don't think it has changed in 0.6.5

> Even if they were available from the source Patrick point is valid,
> you are not expected to check source code to identify how the startup
> system works, if there are events that can be emitted without being
> defined on an upstart .conf there should be an easy way to identify
> it's purpose and it's emitter.

Any event can be emitted by any program using upstart's DBus API. 

IMHO it's not that important to know where a event gets emitted
(that's an implementation detail) but what it actually

Unfortunately quite often this is not documented so far so one has to
guess or use the source code until someone steps up and writes the docs.

>> Next, suppose I don't want to run ufw -- what's the procedure for
>> > turning this service off?  Deleting the ufw.conf script from /etc/init?
>> >   This seems terribly irreversible.
>> Remove the package if you don't want it.--
> The question was how to disable, not how to remove.

If you think you still need the package for some reason removing the
"start on" line should prevent it from getting started (not tested).

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