HAL service scripts

tangke mumutouv at gmail.com
Wed Apr 21 04:42:38 UTC 2010

On 2010年04月15日 17:49, Martin Pitt wrote:
> Hello Iain,
> Iain Buclaw [2010-04-15 10:07 +0100]:
>> I am wondering if the service scripts in the hal package will be re-added
>> before the release of Lucid?
> No, we don't plan to.
>> I can understand why they were removed (to force a change to ConsoleKit in
>> the mainline Ubuntu) - but leaving them out leaves us light WM users in the
>> dark (ie: when inserting a pendrive, and pcmanfm does not automount it).
> It's got nothing to do with ConsoleKit; they are removed because we
> switched over to D-BUS activation. I. e. if a program tries to talk to
> hal, and it's not running, it triggers its startup. This works fine
> for gnome-power-manager, pitivi, and KDE.
with my laptop, gnome-power-manager not triggers hal startup.
> We do not want to start hal by default on machines where it's not
> necessary, since it introduces an additional startup cost, and also
> causes bugs/extra power usage due to the additional device probing and
> polling.
>> Currently, I am forced to include it in /etc/rc.local (or I could just
>> extract the files from the package in karmic), but this shouldn't really
>> have to be the case to resort to.
> Right, this is just a workaround. In theory the startup of pcmanfm
> should trigger hal startup. If it doesn't, the most likely reason is
> that it is too cautious and checks if hal is running before trying to
> connect to it (that's what "lshal" is doing, and the reason why lshal
> doesn't trigger hal startup). If that's the case, just drop the check,
> and have pcmanfm connect to hal straight away (and of course check if
> that failed).
> Martin

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