Troubleshooting boot problems

Florian Diesch diesch at
Wed Apr 21 04:22:45 UTC 2010

Patrick Goetz <pgoetz at> writes:

> 4.
> OK,
>      root at dell8:/etc/init# grep "emits net-device-added" *
>      root at dell8:/etc/init#
>      root at dell8:/etc/init# grep net-device-added *
>      network-interface.conf:start on net-device-added
>      ufw.conf:start on net-device-added INTERFACE=lo
> nothing.  Maybe /etc/init/networking.conf emits net-device-added?  

I guess it's emitted by upstart-udev-bridge

> How can one find out for sure?

I'd have a look at the upstart-udev-bridge source code

> 5.
> OK, I wonder how/when the legacy /etc/rc2.d scripts get run.  Notice 
> that there is an /etc/init/rc.conf file with
>      start on runlevel [0123456]
> OK, well what service emits a runlevel event?

It's emitted by telinit(8) and shutdown(8), see runlevel(7)

> Next, suppose I don't want to run ufw -- what's the procedure for 
> turning this service off?  Deleting the ufw.conf script from /etc/init? 
>   This seems terribly irreversible.

Remove the package if you don't want it.

Simple dict-like Python API for GConf:

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