Troubleshooting boot problems

Joao Pinto joao.pinto at
Fri Apr 16 07:36:56 UTC 2010

a frequently reported problem on #Ubuntu+1 which is most of the times
answered is the "I am unable to boot problem".

Is there a generic boot troubleshotting documentation ? I couldn't find one.
If not is there with the know-how to create it ?
It should describe how to check at which stage of the boot is the
hanging/crash ocurring and how to deal with it.

I am probably missing something but it should at least contain some
documentation for the following stages:
* kernel loading
* upstart
* plymouth
* X
* gdm

For all of the above stages it should describe the options that can be used
to workaround typical problems (e.g. kernel parameters), debug options and
how to collect such data.


João Luís Marques Pinto
GetDeb Team Leader
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