Latest Lucid kernel (2.6.32-20) chokes on my hardware

Bruno Girin brunogirin at
Mon Apr 12 01:10:43 UTC 2010

Hi all,

First of all, apologies for cross-posting to different lists, I'm just
not sure where is the best place to ask this question.

I upgraded my laptop to Lucid beta 2 today, in an attempt to test-drive
it. It all worked fine until the system updated the kernel from
2.6.32-19 to 2.6.32-20. With *-20, it won't boot anymore. If anybody
could give me some pointers so that I can investigate that problem
further and file a bug report that is more specific than "computer says
no", that would be very much appreciated. I'm happy to dive into the
bowels of the OS if need be so don't hesitate to make it technical if

The laptop in question is an IBM ThinkPad T42. The system seems to fail
very early in the boot sequence, as if it didn't manage to recognise the
disk, which may be part of the problem as I replaced the original HDD
with an SSD when I upgraded to Karmic 6 months ago.

I also upgraded the BIOS of the machine to its latest version today. I'm
not sure whether that can have an impact.

Thanks in advance,

Bruno Girin

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