usb gnome applet missing "bluetooth" wizard

Arthur Rosene III arthur744 at
Wed Apr 7 20:28:51 BST 2010


your bluetooth gnome applet tells me when my dongle is on, when i go to preferences it doesnt' allow me to connect any devices, instead it gives me a big box telling me i can enable my already enabled bluetooth device.  i found from the nice folks in #ubuntu+1 that there were some packages that might be of use to me, they were already available in all ubuntu repos other than backports and proposed.  i typed bluetooth-wizard in a terminal, and thats precisely what i needed to setup a device.  just thought i'd give a heads up that that would sure be a nice extension to the existance of the bluetooth applet, because had it not been for #ubuntu+1 i'd never had known that was needed.  

thank you

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