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On Thu, Apr 8, 2010 at 9:45 AM, Derek Broughton <derek at>wrote:
> Neither do I - but for, apparently, opposite reasons.  I don't understand
> why we need, or even want, "minimize to tray" and "minimize to task bar"
> (aargh, please don't push _my_ buttons, and write "minimise" :-) )

OK. Both are correct.

> Surely an app should minimize to one or the other, in which case "Close"
> could close.

Maybe. But the paradigm isn't really that pressing the Close
button minimizes the window to the systray. The paradigm is that closing a
window closes that window *and* that closing a window never closes a
service. I think most people would be confused if e.g. clicking close on the
main sound preferences dialog stopped the sound server. Arguably, the fact
that you can get the window back via the systray doesn't mean that the
*window* has been minimized to the systray any more than saying that we
"minimize" a document window to the "My Documents" folder.

I think nobody expects the "X" button to close services that were started on
start-up. So AFAICT the debate has more to do with the question:
"1) If we launch a systray service the same way we launch an application:
a)  should we also shut down the service the same way we would shut down an
application?; or
b)  should we shut down the service we would shut down other services found
in the systray?"

Or, another question under debate:
"2) Should closing a window *ever* close a service found in the systray?"

These are related, but note for example that we could specify that
applications should never put an icon in the systray unless the user
explicitly asks them to register themselves as a service, so we could answer
yes to both 1a and 2.

John C. McCabe-Dansted
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