Please Consider Taking a Minute to Answer This Ubuntu User Survey

Chris Jones chrisjones at
Thu Apr 8 03:29:45 UTC 2010

>>Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2010 20:55:49 +0700
>>From: Daniel Bo <daengbo at>


>>Sorry to set off your alarms. The survey branches depending on your
>>answers. I'm trying to get an idea about different classes of Ubuntu
>>users: casual, committed, and paid. I'll post the results to the list
>>and to my blog once I have compiled them, even though the survey is
>>non-scientific and the answers are suspect.

>>I appreciate your effort on my behalf.



I thought the survey was alright mate. I filled it out. I'm a bit of a
sucker for tux surveys, for some odd reason. And as long as you got the
results that you set out to get, that's all that really matters.
Anyway, I'd be curious of the results when you have them available.
Certainly post them to the mailing list.

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