Thoughts on quitting and window controls

Friedrich Strohmaier listen_ubuntu at
Wed Apr 7 10:58:46 UTC 2010

Hi Jonathan, *,

Jonathan Blackhall schrieb:

>It's very confusing for me when I click the big 'X' in my window
> controls, only to find that the application I was attempting to close
> has since been minimized to my system try (or notification area or
> its respective indicator applet or wherever it goes instead of
> quitting).


> I can only assume that developers' theories behind this (which is
> definitely not a problem unique to Ubuntu) stem from them telling
> themselves that no one would actually want to Quit their application.
> "What they *really* mean to do is close the window, but keep the
> application running silently.  So I'll just save them the trouble of
> accidentally quitting by changing the function of that 'X' button." 
> I just dislike the fact that it sends mixed signals.

I agree with You here: Even if it might be a good Idea to assume some
user intention it is *always* a bad idea to realize that by *cheating*.


>I'm not exactly sure what I'd propose to fix this problem.  I really
> just think that the current way is broken. 

A simple and clear solution might be to hide the "X" button where
developer thinks closing is not intended by hitting it, and put a
possibility for that into the userinterface of the app. Additionaly
putting a "dock to systray" item in the context menu of the window bar
might not harm at all. :o))

> Maybe the function could be switched to the Minimize button, but that
> would likewise exhibit ambiguity, although I'd argue less so than the
> current incarnation.

A "less evel result" in my eyes isn't worth thinking about.. :o))

> Maybe there should be a new window button, but that doesn't seem like
> a very elegant solution either.

One more "less evel.. ".

I think Window behavior management by window bar symbols should be kept


> What are your thoughts?  Do you consider the current situation a
> problem?

I do.

> If so, what do you propose to fix it?

As You do, I prefer the straight way: steal the button, if you don't
want it to be used!

Let the user experience herself if closing was not the intended thing
and give a short way to achieve it.

I hate to be spoon-fed in any way. So I'd vote for the latter.

If I remember that windows with deactivated sizing, showing a list of
items to select - each shortened and beginning with the same term..

my 0.02 EUR :o))

Schöne Grüße von der Sonnenalb

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