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Patrick Goetz pgoetz at
Tue Sep 22 14:21:50 UTC 2009

Soren Hansen wrote:
> I don't think it would be very useful to assume that any bug in Hardy
> was magically fixed in Intrepid. Hence, dividing bugs by series[1] seems
> like a bad plan to me.

I agree.  What I'm suggesting is that the bug report include a field 
indicating the series that the bug was found in.  That way when I 
search, I can restrict my search to bug reports filed under, say 9.10. 
If you want to see all bugs filed against a particular package, simply 
leave the series search field set to "any", which can be the default.

Working with the new dovecot-postfix package is a good example.  Are 
bugs I find there postfix bugs?  dovecot?  both?  Since this is (I 
believe) a new package for karmic koala, I'm only interested in 
researching bugs that have been filed against these packages by 9.10 
alpha-beta testers, since the issues I'm finding are all related to new 
stuff (e.g. the use of rsyslog).  Trying to find useful information in 
the dovecot/postfix bug reports has been frustrating.

Also, this helps tremendously with the issue of regressions.  Frequently 
some new minor release of a package breaks a feature that worked 
previously.  Since regressions are usually confined to a single series, 
it's helpful to be able to look for them with this restriction in place.

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