cancel the 9.10 release... it is not ready

Mohammed Bassit webceo123 at
Mon Oct 26 11:28:20 UTC 2009

Basically just cause you are facing some (minor in my opinion) problems,
you want to stop the Karmic release 3 days before its due date ? Come
on !!!

> Hi all,
> I am using Ubuntu since 3 Years. I would consider
> myself as a advanced linux-user and professional software developer.
> Just to check the new version, I migrated two 9.4 Systems to 9.10
> and installed a Karmic Beta on a fresh system.

Beta software by definition do have bugs and issues. I have been using
the beta myself on my office desktop, and I didn't face any

> Now (3 days before the release) karmic seems to be unready.
> Even if the system is stable, I found many bugs and inconsistent
> issues.
> On several systems there are error messages with timeouts.
> "waiting for /disk/uuid/23wefsdfsdtgqweqrqwe" or so.
> When the ugly white ubuntu logo disappears i get some normal
> status messages and the the screen gets dark for 15 Seconds
> until dark and unfriendly login screen appears. After all...
> I have the imagination, that the boot process is not faster.

Clearly you seem more unhappy with the new artwork, than concerned with
that bug. Nevertheless you can always file a bug report, and with a
little luck it could be fixed a little after the final release.

> The user dialogs for several subsystems are not ready yet. For 
> example... the old dialogs for setting detailed user rights or changing 
> the welcome screen are not included.

As far as I know, the new GDM made the old "welcome screen setting
dialog" obsolete. Eventually a new tool would be included in a future
release, or someone (why not yourself?) can make such tool and make it
available to the community.

> On two systems with Nvidia cards, the hardware detection tells me
> that no proprietary drivers are needed. Nvidia drivers must be
> installed by hand.

Both my laptop and desktop have Nvidia cards, and they are working
properly. Ubuntu offered me to install proprietary drivers, I did that
on the laptop but chose to use open source drivers on the desktop. So
again file a bug about your specific problem, clearly it's not a general

> The greatest mess is pulseausio. Usually I uninstall pulseaudio.
> Otherwise I can not use mpd and flash crashes randomly.
> In Karmic pulsaudio seems to be even more buggy.
> Eample: I have a realtek onboard soundcard and an a USB headset.
> Alsa seems to initialize both cards correctly.
> But pulseaudio randomly detects sometimes only one card, both cards
> or no card at all. Why don't you use alsa by default?

Join the crowd complaining about Pulseaudio. The think is I really do
see a lot of improvement since pulseaudio was included by default in
Ubuntu. I agree there are some annoying glitches, but no showstoppers

> I really like to persuade people to use ubuntu. But as long
> as it looks unready it will strengthen their opinion, that linux
> is only for nerds. Pleas learn your lesson from the debian
> community and release a new version only if its ready.

You are free to use Debian !


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