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Mon Oct 26 03:55:24 UTC 2009

> Third, open criticism of the appearance of the Ubuntu development
branch is most certainly welcome.  However, please consider that these
> splash screens have been in the present form for several months now.
> To provide this sort of feedback in an inflammatory manner days before
> the release is hardly constructive.  This feedback might have been
> quite useful around UserInterfaceFreeze, over a month ago:
>  *
> Please keep this schedule in mind for our next release:
>  *

I didn't notice the artwork problem myself until after that date, as I'm not
normally one to jump straight on the development version.  Having only one
box and not enough beef to run a VM kinda makes me beta shy.

However, I would hope that a new version of the splash screen could get
pushed out as an update later.

Normally I wouldn't make a fuss over the artwork, as it's inherently
subjective.  But in this case I'd actually consider it a bug.

I'm guessing here, being new and all, but I figure that filing a bug report
on the splash screen in question would be the most productive step to take
here at this point.  I'd file it myself but launchpad is about to go down
for awhile for maintenance.

I wouldn't consider it critical enough to be a release showstopper but I do
believe it needs some attention once the release buzz dies down.
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