Ubuntu Domain Server

Ryan Dwyer ryandwyer1 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 23 02:33:27 UTC 2009

> BTW: GUI tools shouldn't run on a server, but on the admin's (or
> pseudo-admin's) desktop.  Using a secure connection to the server, of
> course.
I take it no one has any issues with web based GUI tools? The server could
run a CLI and after installing, prompt the user to open a browser to
http://hostname:port/ from a different machine. You could even add this as
an option on the existing ubuntu-server installation in the additional
software section.

This would work because the system admin who's trying Linux at home will be
able to manage it. And it means the server doesn't have the overheads of
running a desktop environment.

So then that brings up the question of what web based tool should be used.
Webmin isn't officially supported. I can't comment on eBox - I've used it
once but don't remember it. The tool should still have options like
hardware/software tracking, so whatever tool is used would probably have to
be modified. And you would still need to figure out a way to make Ubuntu
desktops switch to a domain system.



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