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Thiago Braga Santana thiago.braga.santana at gmail.com
Tue Oct 20 03:29:01 UTC 2009

Good morning.

Sorry for upset you again, but I need your help for some questions
about pressed.cfg file. I saw
and you mentioned:

"[18:17] <evand> If you preseed all of the questions correctly and
preseed ubiquity/reboot and add noprompt to the
kernel command line, you'll have a completely unattended installation."

First question: How I do in pressed.cfg file to pass step 7 without
need confirm "install"?
Second question: When I use LiveUSB to install, in partition step, I
need to confirm "don't umount LiveUSB partition", How I do in
pressed.cfg file to no need this confirmation?
Last question: How I do to install without need confirm "finish install"?

The pressed.cfg file is attached.

Thanks for your time Evan.

Thiago Santana
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