no fonts outside of gnome in certain programs under karmic

Matt Price matt.price at
Tue Oct 20 01:49:37 UTC 2009


i'm running into an odd problem with my old-ish laptop (thinkpad x31)
since upgrading to karmic.  i can no longer run gnome on this machine,
as it's too heavy, so i mostly run openbox, but i've seen this same
behaviour under fluxbox, awesome, and a minimal xterm session.  when i
run certain programs -- most notably the Goggle Music Manager, the only
real music manager light enough to run on this machine -- the fonts do
not display at all.  instead i get this: 

as you can see, the titlebar displays fine, but the application itself
doesn't show any fonts at all.  When I first upgraded, i had this
problem with emacs and openoffice as well, but i've now done a clean
install and the problem only seems to remain with non-gtk apps.  

any hints appreciated -- i really have no idea where to look for this;
the same progrmas run fine on my other machine, now also on karmic.
thanks for you help,


Matt Price
matt.price at

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