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Kirk kirk at
Sat Oct 17 06:13:07 UTC 2009


On Tue, 15 Sep 2009 11:53:19 -0600, Brian Murray <brian at> wrote:

> Hello everybody,
> As a part of the Increase Apport Adoption specification[1] we are going
> to kick off an experiment and redirect all of Ubuntu's /+filebug links
> in Launchpad to This
> change has been tested on already and will be
> landing shortly on*).
> If you review the specification and the documentation bug reporters will
> be redirected to, you will notice that we spent a lot of time and energy
> on ensuring that we improve the quality of bugs when they are reported.
> The time many of us spend on triaging very incomplete bugs is not
> sustainable given the volume of bug reports. Having reporters use
> ubuntu-bug (apport more specifically) to report bugs will reduce many of
> these problems for us.
> In order to make the transition for our users smoother, we'd like to ask
> you to help out with a few things:
> 1) If you take care of a high-profile package, consider adding it to
> which is linked to from
> 2) Please consider writing an apport hook for the packages you take care
> of, if you need special information in bug reports - it's REALLY easy:
> 3) If the area of Ubuntu that you take care of is better suited by
> symptom based bug reporting ("storage", "boot", "install", "sound",
> etc.), consider contributing to the apport-symptoms package - it too is
> REALLY easy:
> By helping us receive higher quality bug reports, we will help to help
> make Ubuntu even better!
> [1]
> (*) There will be a +filebug?no-redirect if you really really need it.
> --
> Brian Murray
> On behalf of the Ubuntu QA Team

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