Icons in Place and System

coz DS cosimo321 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 12 16:05:48 UTC 2009

Hey all,
  I am running ubuntu 9.10 right now fresh install... I noticed  no icons
under System menu and a few missing from Places menu in Gnome.
I brought this up in irc  and was told it was an upstream decision because
"it looked cluttered". I hope that was a joke!
   i don't know if that is an accurate reason for the decision ...however
let me point out that  many people with vision deficiencies may not be able
to distinguish items in the menus by text alone!
  Many will need the colours and shapes of the icons...even if not seen
clearly..to recognize which item listed in the menu is the one they want.
  I suppose the argument that.."if they know where the items are with
icons...the positions have not changed..so therefore...."
I hope that isn't the reasoning:)
   In all honesty, any decision that is made to the actual "look" of gnome
should always be filtered through  "Is this appropriate for accessibility?"
If it fails that question then it seems to me that the decision is
inappropriate regardless of the reasons.
   There are a few other issues with karmic , I have also found, but this
one is  not an appropriate decision for gnome being accessibility ready.

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