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Sun Oct 11 16:22:13 UTC 2009

As a note this project is mainly coded on Ubuntu.  I would love to see this
in Ubuntu someday!

The Platinum Arts Sandbox Free 3D Game Maker 2.4 Release has arrived!
Platinum Arts Sandbox Free 3D Game Maker is an open source game design
program for kids and adults featuring in game map/world creation, even
cooperatively!  The focus is to make the process of creating games and
worlds easy enough for kids but powerful enough to create full game
projects. Supports Windows, Linux, Mac (we someone to compile the binary!).
Download it at: http://SandboxGameMaker.Com
In Game Editing Map Creation Tutorial:

New Features Include:
* Ragdolls
* Multiplayer Bots
* Banana Relay Base Capture Gamemode
* RPG Mode Rewritten - Includes new particles with awesome spells like
fireball, invisibility, light, and a new inventory system!
* Sidescroller Updates - now includes more power ups and a flying fish
* Many New Maps - Cavern2 (winner of the mapping contest, massive cavern
with lava falls!), Trainmap featuring a working train, Bastion, Village
updates including streets!, Bottest, savethebanana, and rpg_snow - a very
beautiful ancient mine and village map!
* In Game AVI Movie Recording
* Animated Textures with a tutorial map (tutorial-texanim) thanks to
* Blendmap / Paint Mode - Ability to paint on top of textures!
* Many new textures and models!
* Lots of bugfixes and other features!
For a full changelog/feature list please visit:
To see some of the new features visit our youtube page:

In addition Sandbox was recently featured at the PBS/WHMT and 1st Playable
conference for Teachers with an overwhelming turnout, some teachers had to
sit on the floor! In addition Sandbox has appeared in multiple magazines and
is being used in countries throughout the world including a game design
contest in Malaysia where only using Sandbox was allowed featuring a new
laptop as the top prize!

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