cancel the 9.10 release... it is not ready

Natanael Olaiz nolaiz at
Thu Nov 12 08:40:29 GMT 2009

El 11/11/2009 10:37 PM, Derek Broughton escribió:
> Natanael Olaiz wrote
>> El 11/11/2009 08:32 PM, Derek Broughton escribió:
>>> Natanael Olaiz wrote:
>>>> Another thing: many shortcuts doesn't work anymore. Even configuring
>>>> them by hand!! For instance: screenshots, knotes, etc...
>>> "knotes"?  So you're presumably using Kubuntu: most of those shortcuts
>>> got broken with the upgrade to KDE4 - LONG before 9.10.
>> Yes, I wrote I installed Kubuntu. And yes, I was using Hardy with KDE 3.5.
>> But even setting the shortcuts from the KDE settings control doesn't
>> work:
>> This also happened in previous versions of Kubuntu with KDE 4?
> Shortcuts, particularly in embedded kparts, have been a pain in the butt 
> with every release that included KDE 4.  Welcome to KDE4.

(that was one of the reasons because I waited so much to upgrade from 
Hardy: I loved KDE 3.5....)

Anyway, thanks for your reply. :-)

Best regards,

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