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This would be of interest to Ubuntu developers.


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The Nexenta team would like to announce the immediate availability of
the Nexenta Core Platform 2 release.

Go on to http://www.nexenta.org, and let Nexentaman walk you through
what Nexenta provides.

Release Highlights:
* OpenSolaris build 104+ based with critical patches.
* Over 13000 packages in the repository, thanks to the autobuilder.
* Smooth upgrade path from NCP1.
* Community driven efforts bringing xorg, xfce4 and gnome-core into
the repository
* Based on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) repository
* This includes latest dpkg/apt, gcc, binutils, coreutils,
 perl, python, ruby, Qt libs, GTK libs, etc
* SMF support added for server applications like apache, mysql,
 postgresql, exim4, etc.
* 100% native Debian environment, easy to upgrade, easy to use.
* Includes Vim and screen by default.
* Addition of latest devzone version to the CD.
* Includes apt-clone which brings zfs power to apt-get.


NCP2 would not be possible without the tireless and dedicated efforts
of it's community members.

The Nexenta project would like to thank:

The Folks on IRC: who've made #nexenta the helpful and supportive channel it is.

Tim Spriggs, author of the autobuilder and devzone, leader of the NCP
project, who maintained and ported hundreds of packages and help
provided to users, new and old, on IRC. The 13000 packages in our
repository were made possible by the Autobuilder.

Anil Gulecha, leader of NCP project and IRC lurker, who maintained
dozens of packages, the website, and helps collaboration on the distribution.

Erast Benson, maintainer of the opensolaris packages, and various
server packages, who ensured NCP has a stable foundation to build on.

David Bartley , who ported dozens of packages, and many of the desktop
ones, and for his help on IRC.

Jason Upton, who provided resources and maintained autobuilder nodes,
and ported dozens of packages, especially the Xfce ones.

Andy Stormont, who is the developer of StormOS, and Xfce derivative of NCP2.

Also Alastair McKinstry, Andy Armstrong, Anibal Monsalve Salazar,
David Goodlad, David Hoeppner, Jeremy Berge, Justin T, Ken Mays, Mac,
Mario Lorenz, Masahiro Kitagawa,Matthias Klose, Michael Dodwell, Per Lundberg,
Phillip Steinbachs, Ronald Kasl, Shivakumar GN, Stephan Seitz, Vladimir V.
Ostapenko , for porting and maintaining various packages, large and
small, and fixing issues when they popped up.

Last, but not the least, the bloggers, twieeters, and general well
wishers, who helped spread the word of Nexenta.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the site, and test drive NCP2.

Homepage: http://www.nexenta.org
Download: http://www.nexenta.org/Download

The Nexenta Team

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