Report on Successful E17 installation from latest pkg-e debian repository

John Vivirito gnomefreak at
Mon May 18 15:55:37 UTC 2009

On 05/17/2009 07:21 PM, eye zak wrote:
> Hi all,
> I would like to make some requests for specific packages to be updated
> from the debian repositories to allow for the installation of the
> pkg-e team's e17 on the upcoming karmic release.  E17 can be
> successfully installed beside gnome/kde in ubuntu if the following
> packages are retrieved from the debian repositories (testing and
> experimental):
> libeet 1.2.0 (experimental)
> libgcrypt11 1.4.4
> libgnutls26 2.6.6
> libgpg-error0 1.6
> libtasn1-3 1.8
> If any of these could be included in the karmic release, it would be
> trivial to add e17 support to Ubuntu.  Let me know if i can do
> anything to help, I have some packaging experience.
> Isaac Gordezky
From what i see in Karmic we have a couple of them already:

libtasn1-3: Installed: 1.8-1
libgnutls26: Installed: 2.6.6-1

For libeet we have libeet1
libeet1: 1.1.0+svn35608-0ubuntu1
libeet-bin: 1.1.0+svn35608-0ubuntu1

but still behind in versions and the rest
are also lower versions

Sincerely Yours,
    John Vivirito
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