Current situation of amarok, and of latex tools

Vincenzo Ciancia ciancia at
Fri May 15 20:11:49 UTC 2009

Il giorno ven, 15/05/2009 alle 12.56 -0400, Mackenzie Morgan ha scritto:
> It became incompatible with the router?  I didn't think that was 
> possible....though it is true that iwl3945 had some growing pains.  I
> found 
> that a Broadcom-based laptop I had had about double the range the
> iwl3945 did 
> in Hardy.  Meanwhile, ipw3945 had a very good range (and worked well
> for 
> hacking tools, unlike iwl3945 at the time).  I think it's in pretty
> good shape 
> now though...

There is a known (for years, also upstream, who never *cared* to reply)
about extremely slow transfer rate and disconnections on 802.11b
networks (like the cheap router I bought at home years ago). It may be
"cheap", but it is serving me perfectly with other laptops and also with
the external card. It also works with the windows xp that came
preinstalled with my laptop. It used to work very well with the older

Yes, the situation is that nobody cared about that even if I signalled
it several times. 


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